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The Old Testament

Genesis1-14   Genesis15-26

Genesis27-37   Genesis38-50

Exodus1-14   Exodus15-28

Exodus29-40   Leviticus1-14

Leviticus15-27   Numbers1-10

Numbers11-22   Numbers23-36

Deuteronomy1-10   Deuteronomy11-23

Deuteronomy24-34   Joshua1-12

Joshua13-24   Judges1-10   Judges11-21

Ruth   1Samuel1-12   1Samuel13-20

1Samuel21-31   2Samuel1-13

2Samuel14-24   1Kings1-10

1Kings11-22   2Kings1-12

2Kings13-25   1Chronicles1-12

1Chronicles13-29   2Chronicles1-12

2Chronicles13-25   2Chronicles26-36

Ezra   Nehemiah   Esther

Job1-20   Job21-42

Psalms1-40   Psalms41-76

Psalms77-110   Psalms111-150

Proverbs1-15   Proverbs16-31

Ecclesiastes   Song of Songs

Isaiah1-15   Isaiah16-33

Isaiah34-47   Isaiah48-66

Jeremiah1-12   Jeremiah13-26

Jeremiah27-40   Jeremiah41-52

Lamentations   Ezekiel1-15

Ezekiel16-25   Ezekiel26-37

Ezekiel38-48   Daniel   Hosea   Joel

Amos   Obadiah   Jonah   Micah

Nahum   Habakkuk   Zephaniah

Haggai   Zechariah   Malachi

The New Testament

Matthew1-11   Matthew12-20

Matthew21-28   Mark1-8   Mark9-16

Luke1-8   Luke9-16   Luke17-24

John1-10   John11-21

Acts1-9   Acts10-18   Acts19-28

Romans   1Corinthians

2Corinthians   Galatians   Ephesians

Philippians   Colossians

Thessalonians   Timothy   Titus

Philemon   Hebrews   James   Peter

1,2,3John   Jude   Revelation


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