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Updated King James Version - 2000

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Preface UKJV

Preface UKJV

The Old Testament

Genesis   Exodus   Leviticus   Numbers

Deuteronomy   Joshua   Judges   Ruth

1Samuel   2Samuel   1Kings   2Kings

1Chronicle   2Chronicle   Ezra   Nehemiah

Esther   Job   Psalms    Proverbs

Ecclesiastes  Song of Songs  Isaiah

Jeremiah    Lamentations   Ezekiel

Daniel   Hosea   Joel   Amos  Obadiah

Jonah   Micah  Nahum  Habakkuk

Zephaniah   Haggai   Zechariah   Malachi

The New Testament

Matthew   Mark   Luke   John   Acts

Romans   1Corinthians   2Corinthians

Galatians   Ephesians   Philippians

Colossians   Thessalonians   Timothy

Titus  Philemon  Hebrews  James  Peter

1,2,3 John   Jude   Revelation


God said, Be all of you holy; for I am holy.

For it is made holy by the word of God and by prayer.

Blessed is the man that

whose delight is in the law of the God,

and whose mind is on his law day and night.

As all of you would that men should do to you,

do all of you also to them likewise.

UKJV - The Updated KJV, the EXACT SAME TRANSLATION, but with modernized word-endings.
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