Easy English Bible - Psalms - 2001

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 Psalm 1

The man is very happy that does not:

He likes what the LORD teaches.

"He will become like a tree planted by rivers of water". (Jeremiah 17:8)

But the godless are like chaff.

So godless people will not stand in the judgment.

The LORD knows the way of righteous people.

 Psalm 2

Why are nations planning together?

Why are their kings saying,

He that is sitting above the skies will laugh.

Then he will say angry words to them.

He will say, "I myself put my king in Zion.

I will tell you what God has decided to do.

Ask me for anything! I will give you nations.

You will rule them with an iron sceptre.

So now, you kings, be careful.

Become the servants of the LORD.

Kiss his son or God will be angry.

 Psalm 3 (This is) a song of David when he ran away from Absalom his son.

LORD, every day I have more enemies.

Many people say about me,

But LORD, you are a shield over me.

I shouted aloud to the LORD.

I lay down and slept.

I will not be afraid of 10 000 enemies that are all round me.

LORD, stand up! My God, save me!

It was the LORD that saved us.

 Psalm 4 (Tell the music leader) to use stringed instruments. (This is) a song of David.

Answer me when I shout for help, O God.

Sons of man:

Sons of man:

Get angry - but do nothing wrong. Go to bed.

Offer the right gifts and believe in the LORD.

Many people say, "Who will do anything good for us?"

You have made me feel happy deep down inside me.

I will lie down in peace. Soon I will sleep.

 Psalm 5 (Tell the) music leader to use flutes. (This is) a song of David.

LORD, hear my words.

My king and my God, listen to my voice.

LORD, at sunrise you will hear my voice.

My God, you do not like what is wrong.

Some people think that they are important.

You destroy all that do not speak the truth.

But I will come into your house

Lead me in your righteous way

Nothing that my enemies say is true.

God, tell them that they are not right.

Make all the people happy that hide with you.

LORD, you do such good things to the righteous.

 Psalm 6 (This is) a song of David. (Tell the) music leader, "Use a harp and male singers".

LORD, do not become angry with me.

LORD, be kind to me because I am not strong.

I myself am very frightened. LORD - for how long?

LORD, come back. Give me back my life.

Nobody that dies can remember you.

I am weak with crying.

My eyes are so sad that they are growing weak.

Go away from me all you bad people.

The LORD heard me when I asked him for a kind answer.

All those that hate me will be very much ashamed.

 Psalm 7 David showed what he felt. He sang to the LORD because of what Cush said. Cush was from Benjamin.

LORD, my God, I am hiding in you.

or he will tear me to pieces as a wild animal would.

LORD, my God, if I did this:

then I want him to catch me.

LORD, get up and show that you are angry.

I want everybody to stand round you.

LORD, tell us who is right when people argue.

Stop the godless from fighting. Make the righteous safe.

God Most High is a shield over me.

God is a righteous judge.

if he does not change his mind, he will make his sword sharp.

He will prepare weapons of death for bad people.

Look! The bad man is pregnant with evil.

He digs a hole. He makes it deep.

The trouble that he makes for others falls on his own head.

I will thank the LORD because he is righteous.

 Psalm 8 The music leader must use Gittith. (This is) a song of David.

LORD, you are our most powerful king.

From the mouths of children and babies at the breast

When I look at your skies that your fingers made:

Then I ask:

You made their place a little below God.

You made them to rule everything that your hands made.

LORD, you are our most powerful king.

 Psalm 9 The leader (must use the music) "Death to the son". (This is) a song of David

All my heart sings 'thank you' to the LORD.

I will be very happy with you, (LORD). I will rejoice in you.

Back my enemies went,

because you judged that what I did was right .

Clearly you judged the nations and destroyed the wicked.

You caught the enemy. You killed them.

Evermore the LORD will rule.

He will make righteous judgments for the world.

For the LORD is a place where the oppressed can hide.

Everyone that knows your name (LORD) will put their trust in you.

Go to the LORD with praises. His throne is in Zion.

(God) will remember the people that somebody murdered.

Have mercy on me, LORD.

Then I will tell your praises in the gates of Jerusalem.

Into the hole that they dug the nations fell.

You will recognise the LORD by his justice.

Just as the enemies of God go to Sheol,

Know this: God will not always forget the poor.

LORD, stand up! Do not let men become too powerful.

LORD, make them afraid.

 Psalm 10

LORD, why are you standing so far away?

in his pride, the wicked man tries to catch helpless people.

The wicked boasts about what he wants.

In his pride, the wicked does not look for God.

Everything that the wicked does always works well.

He says to himself, "There will be no trouble for me.

His mouth makes bad promises.

He hides behind the bushes near the villages.

He lies like a lion under the cover of a bush.

He beats the helpless man.

He says to himself, "God forgot.

Rise up, O God! Lift up your hand.

Why does the wicked man say such bad things about God?

See it all, God, all the trouble,

The arm of the wicked and evil man ... break it (LORD)!

The LORD will always be king.

You hear, LORD, what oppressed people want.

You care for the fatherless and the oppressed.

 Psalm 11 (This is) a song of David for the music leader.

(These are words of David.)

Look at the godless!

When people destroy the foundations

(These are words of David.)

The LORD is (also) checking what the righteous are doing.

Burning coal and sulphur will rain on the godless.

The LORD is righteous.

 Psalm 12 (This is) a song of David. (Tell the) music leader to use male singers.

LORD, give help!

Everybody tells lies to his neighbour.

LORD, cut off every tongue that tells lies.

Do this to everyone that says:

The LORD says, "Now I will do something.

The words of the LORD are beautiful words.

LORD, you will keep the poor safe.

The godless are winners

 Psalm 13 (This is) a song of David for the music leader.

How long, LORD, will you forget me? For all time?

How long must I think such sad thoughts? All day long?

Look! Answer me LORD.

My enemy will say, "I beat him!"

But I will believe in your love that never fails.

I will sing to the LORD.

 Psalm 14 (This is) a song of David for the music leader.

A man without shame says in his heart, "There is no God".

The LORD is looking down from heaven on the sons of man.

But everybody has turned away (from God).

Will they never learn? They do evil.

There they were afraid. They were very much afraid.

They tried to stop the plans of the poor people.

Oh, who will come from Zion and make Israel safe?

 Psalm 15

LORD, who will stay in your house?

He that is always:

He says nothing bad.

He does not like bad people,

He does not lend money to get more money.

 Psalm 16

(This is) the secret of David.

I said to the LORD, You are my Lord.

I have great pleasure in the saints on earth.

But people that run after other (gods) will be sorry.

You, LORD, chose my part and my cup.

The lines fell to me in a pleasing place.

I will say how great the LORD is. He is my teacher.

I kept the LORD always in front of me.

My heart is happy. My mouth is always singing.

You will not send me to Sheol.

You will show me the path of life.

 Psalm 17

LORD, hear what I am saying to you.

I want justice from you.

You can look at the secrets of my heart.

People do bad things.

I put my feet on your path.

God, I pray to you, because you will answer me.

Show that your great love is wonderful.

Make me as safe as the apple of your eye.

Very bad men have attacked me.

Their hearts have become hard.

They found me. They are all round me.

They are like a hungry lion.

LORD, get up! Stand in front of them. Knock them down.

LORD, by your hand (take them) from the earth.

And I, because I am righteous, I will see your face, (LORD).

 Psalm 18 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) for the servant of the LORD. (It is) for David. David spo

1: God is a Rock for David)

I will love you, LORD.

The LORD is my rock and my fortress.

The LORD is someone that I must praise.

2: David asks for help)

Death was all round me.

Sheol was tying me down.

in my trouble, I prayed to the LORD.

3: God answers David)

So, the earth moved and shook.

Smoke rose from his nose.

God opened the heavens and came down.

He sat on a cherub and he flew.

God covered himself with darkness.

It was very bright where God was.

The LORD sent thunder from the heavens.

(The LORD) shot his arrows (of lightning).

People saw how deep the sea was.

(The LORD) came down to me. He held me.

He saved me from my powerful enemy.

It was a bad day for me when I met them.

He led me out to a wide place.

4: Why God gives help to people)

The LORD did this because:

Really, all his rules are in front of me.

I did nothing wrong before him.

(The LORD) made me righteous.

To people that are kind, you (God) are kind.

To people that are clean, you are clean.

You will save humble people.

5: Everything that David owns comes from God)

LORD, you make my light burn brightly.

Really, in you I run up to a troop (of soldiers).

The way of God is perfect.

Because who is God? Only the LORD!

It is in God that I am strong.

He makes my feet like the feet of a goat.

He teaches my hands to fight.

(God) you made me into a winner.

You made me take long steps.

I ran after my enemies. I caught them.

I knocked them down. They did not get up again.

You made me strong for fighting.

You gave their necks to me.

They cried for help but nobody saved them.

I cut them into small pieces in the wind.

6: God made David king)

You saved me from the people that attacked me.

When they hear about me they obey me.

They will not fight me.

The LORD is alive. Praise my Rock.

He is the God that fights for me.

He saves me from my enemies.

LORD, I will praise you in all the nations.

(The LORD) will give his king great power.

 Psalm 19 (This is) a song of David for the music leader.

The heavens are telling us about the glory of God.

One day pours out the story to another day.

(But) they do not use words and have no languages.

(Yet) what they say goes into all the earth.

The sun comes out from his home like a bridegroom.

His sunrise is at one end of the heavens.

The book of the LORD is wonderful.

What the LORD tells us to do is always right.

The fear of the LORD is a clean fear.

They are of more value than gold,

Also, they are a guide to your servant.

Who can know when he has made mistakes?

Also, stop your servant from wanting to sin.

Lord, I want everything that I say to make you happy.

 Psalm 20 (This is) a Psalm of David for the music leader

We are praying that:

We want God to give you all that you really want

We will shout for joy when you win the war.

Now I know that the LORD will save his king.

Some people rely on chariots. Others rely on horses.

They will falter and fall.

Lord, save the king!

 Psalm 21 (This is) a psalm of David for the music leader

LORD, the king is enjoying your power.

You gave to him what he really wanted.

You will always do good things for him.

The king is relying on the LORD.

Your hand will find all your enemies.

When they see you, you will burn them all.

You will remove their children from the earth.

This is because they planned evil against you.

You will make them turn their backs to you.

LORD, you are really strong. You sit on high.

 Psalm 22 (Part 1 ~ David is Suffering) The leader (must use) the music of "The Hind of the Morning&qu

My God!

My God!

But you are the Holy God!

Our fathers trusted in you.

They cried out to you and you saved them.

2 ~ Men Hate David)

But I am a worm. I am not a man.

Everyone that sees me mocks me.

(They say) If the LORD likes him so much

But you, LORD, you:

I trusted you, LORD, from the womb.

Do not stay far from me. Trouble is near.

3 ~ Trouble is All Round Me)

Many bulls are all round me.

They open wide their mouths towards me.

They are pouring me out like water.

My mouth is dry, like a bit of broken pot.

A lot of bad men have made a circle round me.

I can count all my bones.

They took my clothes.

But LORD, do not stay far away!

Save my life from the sword.

Save me from the mouth of the lion.

4 ~ David Praises God)

I will tell your name to my brothers.

Everyone that is in awe of the LORD ... praise him!

All the seed of Israel, worship him because:

I will praise you in the great congregation.

5 ~ The Congregation Thanks God)

The poor will eat. They will have plenty.

People everywhere will remember.

The LORD rules over every nation

All the rich people on earth will eat well.

Our children will become his servants.

They will say that the Lord is righteous.

 Psalm 23 (This is) a psalm of David.

The LORD is my shepherd.

He makes me lie down in green fields.

He gives me new life.

I will not be afraid when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.

You prepare a table in front of me when my enemies are present.

I am sure that good and loving and kind things will follow me.

 Psalm 24 (This is) a psalm of David

The earth belongs to the LORD.

The LORD built it on the seas.

Who can go up the hill of the LORD?

The person that has clean hands and a pure heart.

The LORD will do good things to those people.

They are the people that are looking for God.

Lift up your heads you gates (of the city).

Who is the king of glory?

Lift up your heads you gates of the city.

Who is the king of glory?

 Psalm 25 (This is a psalm) of David

LORD, I lift myself up to you.

My God, I will trust in you.

No! Do not let anyone that hopes in you be ashamed.

LORD, show me your ways.

Lead me in your truth.

LORD, remember your love and your kindness.

Do not remember my sins when I was young,

The LORD is good and always right,

He will lead the meek in judgment,

All the ways of the LORD are kindness and truth

LORD, because of your name

Who is the man that is afraid of the LORD?

He will have a good life.

(People like this) will be the friends of the LORD,

My eyes are always looking towards the LORD,

Turn yourself to me and be kind to me,

The troubles in my life just get more and more.

Look at my trouble and pain

Look at my enemies,

Protect my life and make me safe.

Protect my life because I am honest and good

God, give to Israel help in all its trouble.

 Psalm 26 (This is a psalm) of David

LORD, say that I always walk with you.

Examine me, LORD, and see what I am.

I will always walk in your good ways,

I do not sit with worthless men.

I hate bad people that meet together.

I will wash my hands to show that I have done nothing wrong.

I will say with a loud voice that you are great.

LORD, I love the place where your house is.

Do not put my soul with sinners,

In their hands are bad plans.

But I will always walk with you.

My foot stands in a flat place.

 Psalm 27 (This is) a psalm of David.

The LORD is my light and he makes me safe.

Bad men came near me.

If an army uses arms against me,

I have asked the LORD for only one thing.

He will keep me safe in his house in the day of trouble.

He will raise up my head above my enemies all round me.

LORD, hear my voice. I am praying.

My heart says, "Look for (God's) face".

Do not hide your face from me.

If my father and my mother forget me,

LORD, teach me your way.

Do not give me to my enemies.

(What would happen) if I had not believed

Wait for the LORD. Be strong.

 Psalm 28 (This is a psalm) of David

LORD, you are my rock. I am praying to you for help.

Hear my voice when I pray for mercy.

Do not drag me away with godless people,

Give them what is fair for what they did

(Do it) because they do not understand

I say that the LORD does good things,

The LORD makes me strong. He is my shield.

The LORD makes (his people) strong.

Save your people and do good things for your inheritance.

 Psalm 29 (This is a psalm) of David.

Sons of God, say that the LORD is glorious.

Say that the LORD has a glorious name.

The voice of the LORD is on the waters.

The voice of the LORD is powerful.

The voice of the LORD breaks the cedar trees.

He makes Lebanon jump like a young cow

The voice of the LORD makes fire in the sky.

The voice of the LORD makes the desert move,

The voice of the LORD blows strongly on the trees

The LORD was king at the time of the Flood.

The LORD will make his people strong.

 Psalm 30 (This) psalm of David (is) a song for blessing the house.

LORD, I will praise you

LORD, my God, I prayed to you for help,

LORD, you brought my soul up from Sheol.

Sing to the LORD all you that believe in him.

His anger is for a moment,

I said that I was safe for ever

But LORD, it was your grace that made me safe

I prayed to you LORD

What value is there in destroying me in the Pit?

LORD, listen to me and give me mercy.

You have changed my crying into dancing.

So my heart will sing to you, nothing will stop it.

 Psalm 31 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a psalm of David

LORD, I am trusting in you.

Listen to me and send me help very soon.

You really are my rock and my fortress.

You are my fortress.

I put my spirit into your hand.

I hate people that believe in false gods.

I am very happy because of your kind love.

You did not give me into the hands of my enemies.

LORD, give me mercy because I am in trouble.

My life must come to an end because I am so sad.

All my enemies hate me.

Everybody has forgotten me.

I heard people say unkind things about me.

But I am still trusting in you, LORD.

My times are in your hand.

Shine the light of your face on your servant.

LORD, do not let me become ashamed.

Let the lips that tell lies become silent.

You have prepared many good things

You will hide them from the bad plans that men make.

Bless the LORD.

I said too soon that you were not watching over me.

Love the LORD, everyone that has enjoyed his kind love.

Everyone that hopes in the LORD:

 Psalm 32 (This is) a maskil by David

A man is very happy when (God):

When I said nothing my bones became weak and I cried all day long.

(Then) I told you about my sin

So let everyone that enjoys your kind love pray to you.

You are my hiding place.

I will tell you the way,

Do not be like the horse, or the mule.

Bad people will be very sad.

So, all you good people that have clean hearts:

 Psalm 33

Shout to the LORD, everyone that is righteous.

Praise the LORD with a harp.

Sing to him a new song.

Do this because the LORD says what is right.

He loves all that is right and fair.

The word of the LORD made the skies.

He put the waters of the sea together in a bottle.

Let everyone that lives in the earth be afraid of the LORD.

Do this because he spoke and it happened.

Governments make plans, but the LORD checks them.

The plans that the LORD makes will always happen.

The people that have the LORD as their God will be very happy.

The LORD looks down from heaven.

from where he lives, he can see every person that lives on the earth.

He made every separate person.

A great army will not save a king.

A horse will not always give you help to win, even if it is very strong.

Look, the eye of the LORD is on the people that are afraid of him.

He will save them from death and from famine.

We will trust in the LORD.

We are singing happy songs for the LORD.

LORD, we want you to send to us your kind love.

 Psalm 34 For David, when he made Abimelech think that he was crazy. Abimelech sent David away and he went.

I will always say good things about the LORD.

My soul will boast about the LORD.

Let us all make people see that the LORD is great.

I prayed to the LORD and he answered me.

(Humble people) looked to (the LORD) and were happy.

This humble man prayed and the LORD heard (him).

The angel of the LORD made a camp.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good.

Oh, fear the LORD all his saints.

Young lions may need (food) and become hungry.

Children, come and listen to me.

Which one of you finds pleasure in life?

Do not say anything evil,

Turn away from evil and do good (things).

The LORD'S face is against the people that do evil.

The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous

The LORD hears them when they cry for help.

The LORD is near when their hearts break.

Many evil things happen to the righteous,

(The LORD) keeps all their bones safe.

Evil (things) will kill very bad people.

The LORD will make his servants free

 Psalm 35 (This is) for David.

Lord, argue with those people that are arguing with me.

Pick up a small shield and a big one.

Pull out a small spear and a long one.

Some people want to kill me.

Make them become like chaff in the wind.

Make their way dark and dangerous.

(Do this) because they hid a trap for me.

Surprise him and destroy him!

Then I will be pleased because of what the LORD has done.

All my bones will shout, "LORD, who is like you?

People say that they saw me do bad things.

They paid me evil for the good things that I did.

When they were ill I wore clothes made from sacks.

I cried when I walked about. I became bent because I was so sad.

But when I fell down they laughed.

They were like godless people and they mocked me more and more.

LORD, how long will you watch (this)?

I will thank you in the great meeting.

Do not let my enemies laugh at me.

They do not talk about peace.

They open wide their mouth against me.

LORD, you saw it (also).

Wake up! Get up and give me justice!

LORD, you are righteous.

Do not let them think in their heart, "Aha! (this is) what we wanted".

(Do this) to them that laughed at me when I became hurt:

(Other) people will be very happy (when you say) that I am righteous.

My mouth will say that you are righteous.

 Psalm 36 (This is) for the music leader. (He is) the servant of the LORD. (It is) for David.

The godless man does not obey (God).

he tells himself that (God) will not see the bad things (that he does)

he says things that are bad and not true

he makes bad plans on his bed (at night)

LORD, your kind love is (as high) as the skies.

Your goodness is like strong mountains.

God, your kind love has great value.

There is enough in your house to give them all that they need.

because you have waters that give life.

Go on giving your kind love to the people that know you.

Do not let people that walk proudly hurt me.

The people that did bad things lay there, where they fell.

 Psalm 37 (This psalm is) for David.

Psalm 37: 1 - 11 ~ How to wait

Do not make yourself angry because of what evil people do.

Do not feel that you want to be like them.

They are like grass that will soon become dry.

Trust in the LORD and do good things.

Be happy with the LORD.

Promise that you will give yourself to the LORD.

You are righteous. That will shine out like the dawn.

Remain still in front of the LORD.

Stop being angry (with God) and do not get heated inside.

Evil people will become cut off,

Soon the godless man will be gone.

The meek will inherit the land.

Psalm 37: 12 - 20 ~ The end of godless people

A godless person makes bad plans against a righteous one.

The LORD laughs at (the godless person),

Godless people get out their swords and point their bows:

But their swords will go into their own hearts.

Righteous people may have little (power),

The LORD will keep righteous people safe,

The LORD knows the days of blameless people,

They will not be disappointed in a bad time.

But godless people will die.

Psalm 37: 21 - 31 ~ God will help righteous people

When people lend something to a godless man, he does not give it back.

The people that (God) says good things about will inherit the land.

If the LORD likes the way that a man is going,

Even if (that man) trips over, he will not fall.

I was young and now I am old.

He is always kind. He lends (things to people).

Turn away from evil and do good (things).

Because the LORD loves justice, he will not forget his saints.

Righteous people will inherit the land.

The righteous man says good things,

The rules of God are in his heart.

Psalm 37: 32 - 40 ~ What happens to Righteous People

The godless man watches the righteous man.

The LORD will not let him remain in his hand.

Stay with the LORD. Do things his way.

I have seen the godless man with great power.

But he died. He did not remain alive.

Think about the blameless man.

But (God) will destroy people that do not obey him.

The LORD will make righteous people safe.

The LORD gives them help and makes them safe.

 Psalm 38 (This is) a psalm of David. (He wrote it so that you, LORD) will remember him.

LORD, do not tell me about my mistakes

For your arrows have gone deep into me

My body is very ill because you are so angry

Also, my sin has gone over my head!

My wounds are going bad, they are making a bad smell.

My sins have bent me down, I am very near to the ground.

Also, there is a terrible pain in my stomach.

I am very weak. Everything is pushing down on me.

Lord, you know everything that I want.

My heart is beating fast and my strength is failing me.

My family and my friends stay away from my wounds.

Also, the people that are trying to kill me set traps for me.

But I am like a deaf man. I hear nothing.

So, I have become like someone that hears but does not answer.

O LORD, I have waited for you!

I say this so that my enemies will not laugh at me.

For I am ready to fall and my pain is always with me.

But I will say that I have done bad things.

Many people hate me for no reason.

Some people repay evil for good.

Do not leave me, O LORD.

Hurry to give me help, O Lord my Salvation.

 Psalm 39 (This is) a psalm of David. It is for Jeduthun, the leader of the music.

I said, I will be careful what I do so that I do not sin.

I say.

I will be like a dumb man and not speak.

O LORD, tell me about my life,

Look, you have made my life just as wide as my hand!

People walk about just like shadows.

v8 Now, what do I hope for, O Lord?

I will not say anything.

Do not hit me again.

You speak angrily to people about sin and you punish them.

O LORD, hear my prayer.

Look away from me.

 Psalm 40 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a psalm of David.

I was patient while I waited for the LORD.

He lifted me out of the pit where (bad people) were destroying me

He gave me a new song to sing.

The man that trusts in the LORD will be very happy.

LORD, my God, you have done many wonderful things.

You did not want a sacrifice and an offering.

Then I said, "Here I am.

I am pleased to do what you want me to do, my God,

I talk about the good news of (how to become) righteous to everybody.

I do not keep the righteous things that you do to myself.

You, LORD, will not keep your mercy from me.

But trouble is all round me.

LORD, please save me!

There are people that want to kill me.

I want all those people that say to me "Aha! Aha!"

I want everyone that is looking for you to be happy, very happy.

But I am poor and I need help. Lord, you think about me.

 Psalm 41 (This is) for the (music) leader. (It is) a psalm for David.

Anyone that is kind to the poor will be very happy.

The LORD will make him safe and keep him alive.

The LORD will be like a nurse to him when he is ill in bed.

I said, "LORD, have mercy on me.

My enemies say bad things about me.

And if one (of them) comes to see me, he tells lies.

All the people that hate me whisper to each other about me.

(They say that) "someone put a death-wish on him,

Even my best friend has lifted up his heel against me.

But you, LORD, have mercy on me.

I know that you are pleased with me

You will help me because I am honest.

Say good things about the LORD.

 Psalm 42:1-5 (This is) for the music leader.(It is) a maskil for the sons of Korah.

My soul cries out for you, (my) God,

My soul is thirsty for God, the God that is alive.

(All) day and (all) night I cry and do not eat.

My soul cries inside me when I remember that:

My soul, why are you so sad?

Psalm 42:6-11

My soul is sad inside me.

The deep (waters) make a noise when your waterfalls thunder.

In the day time the LORD sends to me his kind love.

I will say to the God (that is) my Rock,

My enemies hurt all my bones.

My soul, why are you so sad?

 Psalm 43

(My) God, say that I am right.

(This is) because you are my refuge, God.

Send out your light and your truth.

Then I will come to the altar of God,

My soul, why are you so sad?

 Psalm 44 (This is) a maskil. (It is) for the music leader of the sons of Korah.

God, we have heard it for ourselves.

Our fathers told it to us.

Your hand pushed out the people (that lived in the land)

(Our fathers) did not get the land by their own swords.

You are my king. You are my God.

Because of you, we pushed back our enemies.

I do not believe that my bow gave me help.

This is because you give us help to beat our enemies.

We praise God all day long.

But now you have turned away from us.

You make us run away from an enemy.

You make us like sheep so that people can eat us!

You are selling your people (and the price is) cheap.

You have made us into something that our neighbours laugh at.

We are as nothing among the nations!

I am ashamed all day long.

(This is) because of:

All this happened to us, but we did not forget you.

Our hearts did not turn away,

But you broke us where the wild animals are.

If we had

would God not have discovered it?

Yet because of you, people kill us all day long.

Lord, awake! Why are you asleep?

Why do you hide your face (from us)?

We have fallen down to the earth.

Wake up and give us help!

 Psalm 45 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) for the sons of Korah. (It is) a maskil and a love s

that the psalmist says:)

These good words make my heart very happy.

that the psalmist says to the king:)

You are the most beautiful man (that there is).

Wear your sword by your side.

(Because you are) the king,

Your sharp arrows will cut into the heart of the king’s enemies.

Your throne, God, will go on for ever and ever.

You have loved things that are righteous

All your clothes (smell) of myrrh, aloes and cassia.

Among your great women are the daughters of kings.

that the psalmist says to the queen:)

Daughter, listen (to me).

You are beautiful and so the king loves you.

Rich people will make you happy with gifts.

The daughter of the king is beautiful inside.

They led her to the king in her beautiful clothes.

They came in with joy and were very happy

that the king says to the queen; or the psalmist says to the king:)

You will have sons instead of fathers.

I will make sure that people always remember your name.

 Psalm 46 (This is) for the (music) leader. (It is) for the sons of Korah. (It is) a song for women’s voices.

God is like a place where we can go, where he will protect us.

So we will not be afraid when the earth moves (under our feet),

(We will not be afraid)

(There is) a river (and) the waters from it make the city of God very happy.

God is in the middle of it. It will not fall down.

The nations made a loud noise. Kingdoms fell.

The LORD of Everything is with us.

Go and look at the things that the LORD has done.

He is the one that makes wars finish all over the world.

Be quiet! Know that I am God.

The LORD of Everything is with us.

 Psalm 47 (This is) for the (music) leader. (It is) for the sons of Korah. (It is) a psalm.

Peoples from every (country), clap your hands (together).

Because the LORD Most High is wonderful.

He won the fight against peoples (that were our enemies).

He chose for us the place where we live.

God has gone up with a great noise.

Sing praises to God, sing praises!

Because God is the King of the whole earth.

God is ruling over the nations.

People that want to be his servants

 Psalm 48 (This is) a song. (It is) a psalm for the (music) leader.

The LORD is great. He really is worth our praise.

Mount Zion is in a beautiful place,

God was in its defences and he made them very safe.

(This was) when we saw the kings meeting each other.

(Then) they saw (something) that really surprised them.

They were so afraid that they felt pain

It was like the east wind that destroys great ships,

We have seen in the city of the LORD of Everything

When we are inside your temple, God, we think of your kind love.

Your name reaches to the ends of the world

Because of the things that you decide to do:

Walk all round Zion, go to every side of it.

think about its strong buildings and make a note of its defences.

For this God is our God for ever and ever.

 Psalm 49 (This is) for the (music) leader. (It is) a psalm for the sons of Korah.

Hear this, people from every country.

(Listen) together,

I will speak to you words of wisdom.

There is a question that I have heard.

Must I be I afraid when bad things happen

(These bad people) think that their money will help them.

A man cannot pay the price for any man.

v9 The life (of someone) costs very much.

v11 Does he not see that wise people will die?

So, even if a man has riches, he will not live for ever.

This is the way that people that trust in themselves will go.

They will go to Sheol, like sheep. They will feed death!

For God will buy me back from the hand of Sheol.

Do not be afraid when a man becomes rich

He cannot take it with him when he dies.

Though good things happened to him in his life

he will go to his fathers and people like that.

So, even if a man has riches, he will not (always) understand.

 Psalm 50 (This is) a psalm of Asaph.

God, the powerful God, the LORD, is speaking.

God is shining out from Zion, that most beautiful place.

Our God is coming and he will not be quiet.

He is calling the skies above and the earth (below)

(He says) "Bring my people to me.

Then the skies (above) showed everyone about (God’s) righteousness

Listen to me, my people, and I will speak (to you).

I will not be angry with your sacrifices,

I do not need a bull from your farm or goats from your fields.

(This is) because all the animals of the forest are mine,

I know every bird in the mountains.

If I am hungry, I will not tell you.

Do I eat the meat of bulls? (No!)

Offer to God thanks.

Then pray to me when you are in trouble.

But to the bad people God says:

For you hate me telling you what to do.

If you see someone robbing (someone else) then you do it with him!

Your mouth speaks evil and your tongue says things that are false.

You sit and say things against your own brother.

You did all this and I said nothing.

Now, everyone that forgets God, think about this,

Anyone that offers me thanks is giving me praise.

 Psalm 51 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a psalm of David. (It was) when the prophet Nathan came to him. (It was) after (David) had sex with Bathsheba.

Give mercy to me, God, because of your kind love.

Wash me (from the bad feeling that I have)

Because I know that I did not obey you

I have sinned against you and only you.

I am sure that I have done bad things since my birth.

But you want me to be good

Make me clean with hyssop and I shall be really clean.

I want to hear happy words that give me joy.

Hide your face from my sins

Create a pure heart inside me, O God.

Do not send me away from where you are.

Give me back the joy that I get when I am safe with you.

I will teach your ways to those people that fight against you.

Take away from me the bad feeling that I have because I killed someone,

Lord, open my lips,

For animal sacrifice does not bring you pleasure, or I would make it.

The sacrifices that God wants are a broken spirit

. .

In your pleasure, do good things to Zion.


 Psalm 52 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a maskil for David. (It is about) Doeg, the man from Edom

Why do you say how great you are, you strong but evil man?

Your tongue talks about ideas to destroy (people).

v4 You love:

So, God will destroy you completely. He will catch you.

And good people will see it and be afraid.

"Look at the man that did not make God his fortress.

But I am like an olive tree that is growing well in the house of God.

I will always praise you for what you have done.

 Psalm 53 (This is) for the music leader. (Use the music called) Mahalath. (It is) a maskil for David.

A fool thinks that there is no God.

God is looking down from heaven on the people on earth.

But they have all turned away and have become evil.

Will the evil doers not learn?

They were very much afraid when there was nothing to fear!

Oh, who will come from Zion and make Israel safe?

 Psalm 54 (This is) for the music leader. (He must use) musical instruments. (It is) a maskil for David. (It was) when the men that lived in Ziph went to Saul.

God, give me help because of your name.

God, hear my prayer and listen to what I am saying.

Because my enemies are fighting against me

But God, listen and give me help!

Send back this evil to my enemies.

I want to sacrifice to you because I am free to do it.

(Your name) saved me from all my trouble.

 Psalm 55 (This is) for the music leader. (He must use) musical instruments. (It is) a maskil for David.

God, listen to my prayer.

Hear me and answer me.

because of what my enemies say. They give me a lot of pain.

My heart is jumping inside me.

Great fear and shaking have come to me.

So I said, "I would like to fly away as a bird.

Yes! I would go far away and live in a wild place. SELAH

I would hurry to a safe place,

Lord, destroy (the evil people)! Confuse their words!

They walk on its walls in the day and at night.

Cruel men that destroy people are in the city.

For it was not an enemy that laughed at me.

But it was you, a man just like me!

We had good times together!

I want death to take (my enemies) by surprise!

But I will cry to God for help and the LORD will make me safe.

I will tell (God) that something is wrong,

He will make me safe and well

God will listen to me and he will punish them.

But my best friend attacks his friends.

What he says is as soft as butter, but there is war in his heart.

Take your problems to the LORD. He will give you help.

And you, God, you will make bad people go to the pit.

 Psalm 56 (This is) for the music leader. Use (the music that we call) The Silent Dove Among Strangers. (It is) a miktam for David, when the Philistines caught him at Gath.

God, be gracious to me, because people are fighting me.

All day long my enemies are fighting me.

Most High, when I am afraid I will trust in you.

By God’s help I will praise his word.

All day long they make my words mean something else

They meet together and hide themselves.

Do not let them get away with this!

You count the times when I (cry because I) am not happy.

Then my enemies will turn back, on the day when I cry (to you).

By God’s help I will praise (his) word.

By God’s help I will trust in him.

I have made special promises to you, God.

This is because you have saved my life from death.

may know some of the words with asterisks but this psalm uses them in a way that you may not know.)

 Psalm 57 (This is) for the music leader. (He must use the music called) "Do not destroy". (This is) a miktam of David, when he ran away from Saul into the cave.

Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me.

I will pray to God, the Most High God,

He will send (a word) from heaven and he will save me.

There are lions all round me!

God, lift yourself up above the skies.

(My enemies) put a net for my feet.

God, I have decided to be yours always!

Wake up, harp and lyre.

LORD, I will thank you in front of all the people.

Your kind love is great. It is higher than the clouds.

God, lift yourself up above the skies.

 Psalm 58 (This is) for the music leader. He must use (the music called) Do Not Destroy. (It is) a miktam of David.

Do you rulers really say what is fair?

No! You do not! You think of evil in your heart.

Wicked people are bad from their birth.

Their poison is like the poison of a snake.

It does not hear the voice of the charmer, however well he charms!

God, break their teeth in their mouths!

v8 May they:

Before their pots can feel (the heat of burning) wood

Righteous people will be very happy when (God) punishes (the wicked).

People will say, "There is a reward for the righteous.

 Psalm 59 (This is) for the music leader. (Use the music that we call) Do Not Destroy. (It is) a miktam of David, when Saul sent (men) to watch his house and to kill him.

My God, save me from my enemies.

Take me away from men that are doing evil

Look! They are waiting to kill me!

(I have done) nothing wrong but they are getting ready to attack me.

For you are the LORD, a God with huge armies.

They come back to the city every evening.

Look at their mouths ... dribbling!

Swords come from their lips because (they think that) nobody will hear.

But you, LORD, you will laugh at them.

I will watch for you, My Strength.

My God, your kind love will come to meet me.

Do not kill them (yet), or my people will forget (them).

For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips,

Destroy them (now) because you are so angry (with them).

They come back to the city every evening.

They will go from place to place looking for food,

But I will sing that you are My Strength.

I will raise psalms to you, My Strength.

 Psalm 60 (This is) for the music leader. (He must use) "A Lily of the Covenant". (Psalm 60) is a miktam of David.

(You have said) that you will not be our God any more

and you have broken down our walls.
Though you are angry, come back to us!

You made the earth move and you tore it open.

You showed hard things to your people.

You lifted up a banner for the people that fear you.

Give us help so that the friends that you love will be safe.

God did answer us from his holy place! (He said):

Who will lead me into the strong city?

(You have said) that you would not be our God any more.

Give to us help against the enemy,

With God we will beat everybody

 Psalm 61 (This is) for the music leader. He must use stringed instruments. (It is) a psalm of David.

Hear me when I ask for help, God.

I will shout to you from the ends of the earth when my heart is weak.

For you have always been a shelter for me,

I want to live in your house for ever.

. .

For you, God, have heard my promises.

. .

Give the king a long life,

Let him sit with God for ever.

. .

Then I will praise your name for ever.

 Psalm 62 (This is) for the music leader of Jeduthun’s (singers). (It is) a psalm of David.

Only on God is my soul resting.

Only he is my rock. He will keep me safe!

How long will you shout at a man?

They only want to push him off his high place.

Only on God is my soul resting,

Only he is my rock. He will keep me safe!

(It is) God that made me safe and (put me somewhere) important.

Everybody (should) always trust in him!

All men are only as a breath! Everyone is as nothing!

Do not trust in things that you:

God has said one thing (and) I have heard two things.

and you, Lord, have kind love.

 Psalm 63 (This is) a psalm of David, when he was in the wild country of Judah.

God, you are my God. I will look for you early (in the morning).

I want to see you in your house,

Your kind love is better than life,

Also I will say how good you are all my life.

My soul is full, as if I had eaten a lot at a party.

I remember you when I am in bed

Because you have given me help

My soul stays very near to you

I ask that (someone) will destroy the people that want to kill me.

The sword will kill them

The king will sing psalms (of praises) to God.

 Psalm 64 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a psalm of David.

God, hear my voice as I tell you my troubles. (Then):

(These evil people):

· shoot from secret places at good people

· are not afraid (when they have done it)

· say "Who will find out the crimes that we have done?"

But God will shoot an arrow at them when they do not think it will happen.

Really, they will destroy themselves with their tongues!

Everyone will be afraid and talk about what God has done.

Good people will be very happy with the LORD.

 Psalm 65 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a psalm of David, a song.

Silence is praise to you, God, in Zion.

You are the One that Hears Prayer.

My sins are too heavy for me.

The man that you choose will be very happy.

You answer us by doing things that are righteous,

You are so strong that you made the mountains.

You stop the seas from being angry, so that the waters make no noise.

Those that live far away see the great things that you have done.

You care for the land.

Pour water on the land where the plough was. This will make it flat.

The best part of the year is when you give us good things.

The fields in wild places pour out good things.

The fields are full of sheep. The valleys are full of grain.

 Psalm 66 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a song (and) a psalm.

Shout aloud to God because you are happy, everyone on earth!

Sing to the glory of his name!

Say to God, "The things that you do (sometimes) frighten people.

The whole world will get on its knees in front of you.

Come and see the things that God has done.

He made the sea into dry land.

He is so powerful that he will rule for ever.

Say good things about God, you people.

He is a God that keeps us alive.

Really, God, you have tested us.

You brought us into a prison and made people beat our backs.

But you sent a man to lead us.

I will bring gifts to burn to you in your house.

When I was in trouble my lips made a promise.

The gifts that I will offer to you will be fat animals.

Come and listen, all you people that are afraid of God.

I cried aloud to him, then I praised him!

If I was thinking bad things in my heart,

But God did hear me.

I will say good things about God.

 Psalm 67 (This is) for the music leader. (He is) to use stringed instruments. (It is) a psalm (and) a song

God, be gracious to us and bless us.

Then people will know the things that you do on the earth.

So people everywhere will say how great you are, God.

The nations will be so very happy that they will sing aloud for joy!

People everywhere will say how great your are, God.

The ground has given us its harvest

God - bless us!

 Psalm 68 (This is) for the music leader. (It is) a psalm of David, a song.

God will rise up and his enemies will move away in all directions.

(God), blow them away as you would blow smoke away.

But the righteous will be happy.

Sing to God, sing psalms to his name.

God is the father of those that have no father.

God gives a home to lonely people.

God, you went out in front of your people.

The ground moved, the skies dropped (rain) when God came to Sinai.

God, you gave plenty of rain.

Your people came to live in it.

The Lord gave a message

Kings of huge armies ran away. They fled!

Even if you sleep where the sheep sleep,

When Shaddai made (foreign) kings run away in different directions

The mountain called Bashan is a Mountain of God.

High mountains, why do you look at the mountain that God wants to live in?

God has millions of chariots.

You went to the high (mountain).

Say good things about the Lord!

Our God is the God who will make us free.

But God will break the heads of his enemies.

The Lord says, "I will bring (my enemies) back from Bashan.

Then you can put your feet into their blood

God, they will see your people walking together.

The singers will go in front. The musicians will go behind them.

"Say good things about God among all the people there!

Benjamin, the youngest, will go first.

Your God sent the power (that gave you help).

from your temple in Jerusalem.

Be angry with:

The government of Egypt will send people

Sing to God, you kingdoms of the earth!

(Sing) to the One that Rides on the Clouds

Tell everyone about the powerful God that is the King of Israel.

God, how great you are in your temple.

 Psalm 69 (This is) for the music leader. Use (the music that they call) "Lilies". (It is) for David.

Psalm 69: Verses 1 - 4

I am going down into deep mud and there is nowhere to put my feet.

I have come into deep waters and floods rush over me.

I have shouted so much for help that I am weak.

More people hate me than (I have) hairs on my head.

Psalm 69: Verses 5 - 12

You, God, know that I am a fool.

Master, do not let the people that put their hope in you

Because I love you people say bad things about me.

I have become a stranger to my brothers

I am angry for your house and it burns me up inside.

When I cry and eat no food people still insult me.

When I wear clothes made from sacks people laugh at me.

People that sit by the gate talk about me

Psalm 69: Verses 13 - 18

But me ... I am praying to you, LORD,

Take me out of the mud

Do not let:

Answer me, LORD, because your kind love is (so) good.

And do not hide your face from your servant.

Come near to my soul and make it safe.

Psalm 69: Verses 19 - 22

You (God) know that people insult me

Insults have broken my heart. I feel helpless.

But they put poison in my food

I want (the food on) their table to be a trap (for them)

Psalm 69: Verses 23 - 29

I want their eyes to be in the dark so that they cannot see.

(because) you are so angry with them.

I want the places where they stay to be empty

For they persecute the people that you (God) hurt

Make a note of all their sins

Take their names out of the book of life.

But I have pain (in my body) and trouble (in my mind).

Psalm 69: Verses 30 - 36

I will praise God’s name with songs

This will bring more pleasure to the LORD

Poor people will see it and be happy.

For the LORD hears what people need

Let the skies and the earth praise him!

For God will make Zion safe.

As for the children of his servants,

 Psalm 70 (This is) for the (music) leader. (It is) a psalm of David, to give him help to remember.

God, save me!

There are people that want to kill me.

I want all those people that say to me "Aha! Aha!"

I want everyone looking for you to be happy, very happy.

But I am poor and I need help.

 Psalm 71

LORD, I am trusting in you.

Take me away from danger and make me free,

You really are a rock,

My God, take me from the hands of godless people.

You are my hope, Master.

Since I was born, I have trusted in you.

I make many people think of danger and become afraid.

My mouth is full of saying how great you are.

Do not throw me away when I am old.

For my enemies say things against me

They say, "God has forgotten him.

God, do not stay far from me.

Make my enemies become completely ashamed.

But I, I will always have hope.

My mouth will say that you are righteous,

I will come and speak about the great things that you have done,

God, you have taught me since I was young.

And even when I am old and grey, do not forget me, God.

You are righteous, God, with righteousness as high as the sky!

Even when you made me see troubles, many bad troubles,

You will make me great again and make me strong.

I will sing about how great you are, with harp music.

My lips will shout because I am so happy!

My tongue will talk about your righteousness all day long.

 Psalm 72

Psalm 72: 1 - 7 ~ The Good King (This psalm is) for or by Solomon.

God, give your justice to the king

He will rule your people with righteousness

With righteousness will the mountains

He will defend the poor people

and they will be afraid of him

He will be like rain that falls on grass that people have just cut.

When he is king, a righteous person will do well.

Psalm 72: 8 - 14 ~ The Great King

He will rule from sea to sea

People that live in wild places will kneel in front of him

Kings from Spain and other far places will give him money

All the kings will fall down in front of him

For he will save the person in need that is crying for help.

He will be kind to people that are weak and in need.

He will buy back their lives from cruel people that hurt them.

Psalm 72: 15 - 20 ~ The King Of Glory

I pray that he will always be alive and that:

There will be plenty of grain in the land.

His name will remain for ever.

Bless the LORD God, the God of Israel.

Bless his glorious name for ever.

This is the end of the prayers of David, son of Jesse.

 Psalm 73 (This is) a psalm of Asaph.

I am sure that God is good to (the people of) Israel,

But (this is what happened) to me.

Some people had made themselves important.

And so their bodies are fat (and healthy).

They do not have trouble like other people

So they, (the godless), wear their pride like a necklace.

Their eyes look out from fat faces.

They laugh (at people) and say bad things (about them).

The mouths (of the godless) say that the skies belong to them.

So his (God’s) people turn to them.

And they (God’s people) ask, "How can God know?"

This, then, is what godless people (say and do).

I was sure that I had made my heart clean

I had trouble all day

If I had said, "I will agree (with what the godless say)";

When I thought about this,

Then I went into the house of God.

(Then) I was sure that you would put them

It will take just a moment to destroy them!

It will be like when you wake up from a dream.

When my heart hurt me and my stomach was painful...

...I was stupid and I knew nothing.

But really I was always with you.

What you say to me will be my guide.

I know nobody in heaven except you.

My heart and my body may fail,

I am sure that people far from you will die.

But it is good for me to be near to God.

 Psalm 74 (This is) a maskil for Asaph

God, will you never think about us again?

Think (again) about:

Go and look at everything that the enemy broke.

Your enemies have made an angry noise inside your meeting place.

They seemed like wild men!

They used hammers and axes to break the doors

They burned your temple to the ground!

They said in their hearts, "We will completely destroy them".

Nobody gives us signs (that are miracles).

God, how long will the enemy laugh at you?

Why do you hide your hand (from us), even your right hand?

For you, God, have been my king from the beginning.

It was you that divided the sea, because you are so strong.

It was you that broke the heads of Leviathan.

It was you that made springs and streams.

You made both day and night.

It was you that said where the (dry) land must be.

LORD, think about this:

Do not give the life of your dove to wild animals.

Keep your promise!

Do not let oppressed people become ashamed.

Stand up, God! Tell everyone that you are right.

Listen to the noise that your enemies make.

 Psalm 75 (This is) for the music leader. (He must use music called) "Do Not Destroy". (This is)

God, we thank you.

(God said,) "At the time that I will choose, I will be a fair judge.

When the earth shakes and everything in it (is afraid),

I say to the people that are boasting, "Do not boast".

Do not lift your horn up high.

For nobody

will be judge. Only God (will be judge).

Because there is a cup in the LORD’s hand.

But I will always talk about (what God did).

(Because he says) "I will cut off all the horns of the godless.

 Psalm 76 (This is) for the music leader. (He must use) stringed instruments. (It is) a Psalm of Asaph (and

God is famous in Judah.

His house is in Salem and his home is in Zion.

There he broke (the enemy’s):

You (God) are the Shining One!

(You) took from the brave (enemy) soldiers all (the weapons) that they had.

When you were angry, God of Jacob,

You ... everyone is afraid of you!

From the heavens you said that you would judge (the people).

(This happened), God, when you came to judge

So the anger of men will praise you.

Make a promise to the LORD your God and do (what you promise).

He breaks the spirit of rulers.