Bible in Basic English


Yahweh God is alive.

Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.

Holy Spirit is with you.


The Old Testament

Genesis    Exodus    Leviticus    Numbers

Deuteronomy    Joshua    Judges    Ruth

1Samuel    2Samuel    1Kings   2Kings

1Chronicle   2Chronicle   Ezra   Nehemiah

Esther    Job    Psalms    Proverbs

Ecclesiastes    Song of Songs    Isaiah 

Jeremiah   Lamentations    Ezekiel 

Daniel    Hosea    Joel    Amos    Obadiah 

Jonah    Micah    Nahum    Habakkuk 

Zephaniah  Haggai  Zechariah  Malachi

The New Testament

Matthew    Mark    Luke    John    Acts 

Romans    1Corinthians    2Corinthians 

Galatians    Ephesians     Philippians

Colossians    Thessalonians    Timothy 

Titus   Philemon   Hebrews   James  

Peter   1,2,3John    Jude    Revelation


You are a man of God.

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The Bible in Basic English translates the Scripture using a
simplified dictionary of 850 words plus 150 Biblical Words.
The translation was written as a new English form of the Bible
that stems from Hebrew and Greek.
It has a sense of independence to its zreading since
it contains wording that is simple and straight to the point.


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