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The Old Testament

Genesis    Exodus    Leviticus    Numbers

Deuteronomy    Joshua    Judges    Ruth

1 Samuel    2 Samuel    1 Kings    2 Kings

1Chronicle   2Chronicle   Ezra   Nehemiah

Esther    Job    Psalms    Proverbs

Ecclesiastes     Song of Songs    Isaiah

Jeremiah    Lamentations     Ezekiel

Daniel    Hosea    Joel    Amos     Obadiah

Jonah    Micah    Nahum    Habakkuk

Zephaniah   Haggai   Zechariah   Malachi

The New Testament

Matthew    Mark    Luke    John    Acts

Romans    1 Corinthians    2 Corinthians

Galatians    Ephesians    Philippians

Colossians    Thessalonians    Timothy

Titus   Philemon   Hebrews   James   Peter

1,2,3 John    Jude    Revelation

Young's Literal Translation
In 1887 Dr Young issued a Revised Edition, of which two impressions are exhausted.

The work has been subjected
to a fresh revision, making no alteration on the principles on which the Translation

proceeds, but endeavouring to make it
as nearly perfect in point of accuracy on its present lines as possible.

The Publishers accordingly issue this new Revised Edition
in the hope that earnest students of the Bible, by attaining to a clearer apprehension of

the meaning of the inspired writer,
may more clearly and fully apprehend the mind of the Spirit by whom

all Holy Scripture has been given to us.

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