The World Englisg Bible 2014

성경전서 개역한글판 1956년


Yahweh God is alive.

Jesus is the way, the truth, the life.

Holy Spirit is with you.


The Old Testament

Genesis1-20    Genesis21-34

Genesis35-50    Exodus1-14

 Exodus15-28   Exodus29-40  

 Leviticus1-14   Leviticus15-27

 Numbers1-10    Numbers11-24

Numbers25-36    Deuteronomy1-10

 Deuteronomy11-22   Deuteronomy23-34

 Joshua1-12   Joshua13-24  

 Judges1-10   Judges11-21 

Ruth   1Samuel1-12   1Samuel13-20

1Samuel21-31   2Samuel1-13

 2Samuel14-24   1Kings1-10 

 1Kings11-22   2Kings1-12

 2Kings13-25   1Chronicles1-12

 1Chronicles13-29    2Chronicles1-14

 2Chronicles15-26  2Chronicles27-36

Ezra   Nehemiah   Esther

 Job1-20   Job21-42  

Psalms1-38   Psalms39-76

 Psalms77-108   Psalms109-150

 Proverbs1-16   Proverbs17-31 

 Ecclesiastes   Song of Songs

 Isaiah1-14   Isaiah15-32

Isaiah33-47   Isaiah48-66 

 Jeremiah1-13   Jeremiah14-28

 Jeremiah29-40   Jeremiah41-52

 Lamentations   Ezekiel1-14

 Ezekiel15-24   Ezekiel25-36

Ezekiel37-48  Daniel  Hosea  Joel

 Amos   Obadiah   Jonah   Micah

 Nahum    Habakkuk   Zephaniah

 Haggai   Zechariah   Malachi

The New Testament

Matthew1-10    Matthew11-20  

 Matthew21-28   Mark1-8  Mark9-16

Luke1-8   Luke9-16   Luke17-24   John1-10

John11-21  Acts1-8  Acts9-18  Acts19-28

Romans   1Corinthians   2Corinthians

Galatians   Ephesians   Philippians

Colossians   Thessalonians   Timothy

Titus   Philemon   Hebrews   James

Peter   1,2,3John   Jude   Revelation


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You are a man of God.

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